Our location on Piedmont Lake in the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio gives us a unique opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, enjoy the natural beauty around us, and explore the deep things of faith and life.  Our mission is to serve and build up the Church by providing programs and events focused on the life transformation available to everyone who puts his or her trust in Jesus.  We nurture and encourage families with programs for children of all ages and intergenerational camps where parents and grandparents can connect with their children and grandchildren and with each other.  Urban campers and rural campers, young campers and old campers, churched campers and unchurched campers all find themselves welcomed and loved at Camp Presmont.

Mission Statement:  Employing the beauty of creation, Camp Presmont exists to serve the church, nurture the family, and reach the lost with the gospel in the power of the Spirit to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.