We will recruit nearly 100 volunteers this year to help provide the most awesome summer camp for some of God’s greatest kids. We have several different volunteer positions. You have the opportunity to come as an individual or with a group.

Contact leah@presmont.org if you are interested in volunteering!

Volunteer Counselors

A counselor’s primary duty is to love and accept their campers unconditionally. To be an effective counselor, you must be willing to put aside your own personal desires and needs for a week. You must be willing to allow God to love these campers through you and be willing to share God’s word in any circumstance. A volunteer counselor lives in a cabin and is assigned to several campers. All the fun activities at camp are experienced by camper and counselor together. This is a terrific opportunity to reach out to a special child and have a profound, positive effect on their life!

Work Crews

From time to time there are jobs around camp that require an extra pair of hands. General maintenance of the camp, mowing lawns, painting, and building projects are completed with the help of work crew volunteers. Work Crew groups are invited to come during the off season to conquer the larger projects. Please call (740) 758-5571 for available dates and projects.


This is a volunteer position and a great opportunity for ministry. If you are a licensed nurse looking to be challenged, please contact us for details.